Weekly Review: Top 3 Anime Series

#3 – Neon Genesis Evangelion

You know how they say you never forget your first time? Well that applies to me with this anime; Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first anime series that I ever really got into. The show had an addicting combination of action, drama, and suspense. I had to keep watching in order to find out what would happen to the characters that I had come to be attached to. The series did a fantastic job at progressing the characters throughout the series, especially through the rough moments. As a viewer, I felt for the main characters as they went through the challenges that the story put them through.

If you haven’t ever heard of Evangelion, it’s a pretty awesome show, though very depressing in the end. The basis is the world is recovering from a global catastrophe known as second impact, and according to sacred documents known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, powerful creatures known as angels are going to be coming to attack. A military organization known as NERV takes the front in the defense of mankind. Their weapon? Mysterious, yet powerful, humanoid robots known as the evangelion, or eva for short. Their pilots have to be carefully picked, as not just anyone can be a pilot to one of these monsters. The main three pilots are all teenagers, chosen for their various reasons and for more specific ones that you learn about later in the series. Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are the main three pilots that make up the story.

#2 – Log Horizon

This anime is pretty much my obsession at this point. No, seriously, I listen to the theme song on the way to and from work every day. This anime series did a fantastic job of explaining the world that the characters are in. By doing this, they kept the audiences interested in the bigger picture, rather than just who fighting who at what time and place. This lead to a much bigger immersion into the anime. I felt as if I was a part of the world, going through the challenges that the characters were going through. It is another anime about people being stuck in a game, but no other anime comes close to explaining the world that they are trapped in. This anime also does an amazing job of explaining the political side of the game. Not everything is adventure and action, most of it, actually, is trying to keep this world, that they find themselves in, running smoothly and peacefully.

So what’s the basis of Log Horizon? Elder Tale is a hugely successful MMORPG that has swept across the world. However, after their latest update, some players, more than a thousand in various servers, find that they are actually in the game. The players, known as adventurers, must learn how to survive and adapt to this new world. They know the game, but it is much different when it is your actual body and you aren’t staring at a computer screen. The series follows a brilliant strategist known as Shiroe, who ends up being the one behind uniting some of the most powerful guilds in the game to establish an order in this world.

#1 – Sword Art Online

There it is! My all time favorite anime series! Sword Art Online is a combination of everything I love to see in an anime. It has plenty of action, a sense of adventure, strong friendships, and blushing romances. The series has become widely popular, and I’m excited to say that I can’t wait for the new movie and also the third season. There is something special about the first arc, which spans about the first 14 or so episodes. This arc, known as the Aincrad arc, is when they are trapped inside the game and fighting for their lives. The way we get to see the main character progress from being a loner, to gaining friends, and eventually falling in love is truly amazing. Even after this arc, the viewer gets to follow along on plenty of adventures and gets to meet all sorts of new characters.

So you haven’t heard about Sword Art Online yet? Wow! This anime series starts out with the launch of a brand new Virtual Reality MMORPG, allowing the player to completely immerse themselves inside of the game. However, the players soon discover that this is a trap set up by the creator, and they can’t log out. If they die in the game, they die in real life. We follow Kirito as he fights in the world of Aincrad to try and clear all 100 levels and return to the real world. Along the way we meet a lot of great, supporting characters such as Asuna, Klein, Liz, and many more!

There you have it! My list of top anime series is based off of my personal experience with each series and as an anime fan. I have watched a lot of anime in my day and can say that these three truly take the top, at least for me. There are plenty of other good anime series out there and I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Weekly Review: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

When they all woke up, they were in a dark room. Awaken… the sound of a voice saying this word is all that they remember. They are here now, in the world of Grimgar. The fairly large group of people find themselves in a sort of medieval time. They are gathered up and told that the way to make money is to join the Reserve Army Forces and kill monsters. They have to kill monsters in order to make money. Their items make good trade in the market.

Groups are soon formed, and of course, there are always the rejects. These rejects came together, for alone their survival would be impossible. In order to become a successful party, they must choose a guild and become precise at their craft. The party consists of: Haruhiro the thief, Yume the hunter, Shihoru the mage, Ranta the dark knight, Moguzo the warrior, and Manato the priest.

They soon find that hunting monsters, even something as simple as a lonely goblin, is difficult. They try and try again, but aren’t successful. It takes them a while to learn how to work together, and what it means to take the life of another living thing. Eventually, they do, and it is no happy matter. Manato soon becomes recognized as the leader of the group. He plans out strategies, barks out orders, and finds out all the information he can about the easiest hunting grounds.

The once reject party soon become friends, growing closer after their daily adventures. Haruhiro, the main perspective of the story, always idolized Manato. He would always find him going out of his way to get more information, or make things easier for the rest of the group. In reality, Manato was doing the work of at least three people. He was the group’s leader, or strategist, their healer, and also would fight.

They got good at hunting goblins. They started building more and more confidence. They even started taking on two or three at a time, moving towards even four. Confidence is key in a battle, but it can also blind you for that critical second. Unfortunately, happy times in the world of Grimgar do not last long when every day is a fight for your life.

They were ambushed by a group of goblins while they had their guard down. Haruhiro manages to jump in front of the first arrow, no undoubtedly saving Manato’s life. He is hit once again when he is on the ground. Thanks to Manato’s map making skills, and his healing magic, it appears that the group gets away from the ambush. It’s not until they reach the forest, safety, that they Haruhiro realizes something is wrong with Manato. He had been shot in the back.

Manato falls to the ground, out of magic from healing his friends, he is unable to heal himself. There is nothing they can do. This is the world of Grimgar.


I would definitely recommend you watch this anime! It is still in its first season and is still being released (I am current on the series and it is up to episode 9). The story, the drama, the struggle, all of it is addicting to watch as you can’t foresee what happens next. This is a different take on what the world of an RPG would be like. There are happy times, but there are mostly sad, even scary times. The world of Grimgar is a gruesome place.

Weekly Review: Heaven’s Lost Property

“Peace and quiet are the best.” These are the words that Tomoki lives by. He is your average teenage boy, doing average teenage boy things. Of course, he is a bit of a pervert, but who could blame his poor raging hormones. Our story revolves around his daily life, exciting right? Well there is the childhood friend that lives across the street that has a habit of karate chopping him across the head whenever he performs one of his perverted acts. That’s always entertaining. Then there is the weird, pseudo-scientist that goes by the name of Eishiro. He’s a bit of an odd ball; he actually begins every episode with a kind of history lesson, then goes on to some bit about the “New World.” Oh yeah, the “New World” is his absolute obsession. Last, but certainly not least, we have Mikako. She is the student body class president, completely sadistic, and her family is practically the mob. That makes up about half our main characters.

The story actually starts one night when Tomoki was supposed to meet up with Eishiro to check out a weird formation in the sky that was supposed to be passing by their town. Instead, Tomoki is there alone whenever he receives a warning phone call from Eishiro to get the heck out of there! The weird formation centers over Tomoki and it a bit of a light show, something quite interesting happens. Tomoki finds, at the bottom of a huge hole, mind you, a beautiful, angelic humanoid named Ikaros. She insists that she is something called a “Pet-Type Angeloid” and that Tomoki is now her master. She will do anything he requires and can grant him any wish, and she has big boobs.

So now we have a perverted teenage boy with a beautiful humanoid that will grant him any wish he desires, pretty solid. Of course his first wishes are incredibly stupid, at least from our point of view. As a result of one of his wishes, for example, he ends up running around the entire town naked. Then he accidentally wishes that everyone was dead and gone. It’s cool though, because he then wishes that it’s all a dream and that nullifies the whole, everyone being dead thing.

From here on, I will let you discover the story. You pretty much get acts of randomness, followed by the appearance of more humanoid, and then more randomness. Take Ikaros, she is a very peculiar character, then randomly goes all bad ass, then back to… peculiar. The other humanoids that make their way down to our characters are just as interesting.

As a whole, this anime is okay. It is more for a good laugh than an in depth story line. If you are looking for a good story, keep moving, but if a good chuckle is your thing, give it a go. The character’s dialogue, especially Tomoki’s is unfiltered, meaning he talks like pretty much any teenage boy. This can make for some funny scenes and interactions with all of the other characters.